Add Instrument

  1. How to do it: in the Score, right-click a Section‘s name and select Create child Part from the contextual menu. Then, in the Editor, select a value from the Instrument drop-down.
  2. Hints:
    • if no Section name is available on the current page, you can navigate to another page or use the Project to select a Section node. Afterwards, click the Create element button in the Toolbar and, eventually, choose an instrument from the Editor;
    • divisi instruments: to add Violin – 1 and Violin – 2 to your score, create two Parts, and set Violin as their Instrument. The two Violins will be stacked together and receive a numeric suffix;
    • you could also use the Number of staves property (available in the Editor) to create “fake” divisi instruments, e.g., create one Flute part and set its Number of staves to 3 to quickly add Flute – 1, Flute – 2 and Flute – 3 to the score; use Clefs to add or rearrange the clefs for your divisi. You will not be able to delete the “fake” divisi individually, though: if this is a concern, create “real” divisi instead (add several Parts and choose the same instrument for all);
    • to change the score order of an instrument, select its Part name and use the Nudge element… buttons in the Toolbar to move it up or down. Divisi instruments (e.g., Violin – 1 and Violin – 2) only move together: nudge the first divisi instrument to set the position of the group. They cannot be swapped either, but there are workarounds:
      • use Copy/Paste to swap their music instead — best for small regions, works for “fake” divisi too;
      • temporarily change the Instrument type of one of them (e.g., change Violin 2 to Flute), nudge to swap, then revert to correct Instrument (change back the Flute to Violin) — best for score wide changes, does not work for “fake” divisi.
    • you could use the Number of staves  e.g. to write an Organ part on two staves instead of three (i.e., omit the Pedal);
    • see the Part Node for more details.

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