Add Measure

  1. How to do it: in the Score, click the name of the Section you want to add a measure to; then right-click any part name and select Create child Measure from the contextual menu.
  2. Hints:
    • when using the Score‘s contextual menu, measures are added to the last touched Section. Adding, changing or merely selecting anything inside a Section will mark it as last touched;
    • to insert a measure between two existing measures, add it as described above, then use the Nudge… buttons in the Toolbar to move it into place;
    • make sure to switch to a Voice in the floating toolbar before you start adding content to your newly created measure; the floating toolbar retains your last selection preference (except for a voice 2 selection, which will default to a voice 1 selection when no second voice is available);
    • see Measures for more details.

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