Add A Note

  1. How to do it: proceed as described in Add A Rest. Right click the added rest and select Create child Note from the contextual menu. Use the editor to set the pitch.
  2. Hints:
    • there are really no rests, notes or chords from MAIDENS’ perspective. They are all regarded as Clusters which contain zero, one, or several Note nodes respectively (see Clusters and Notes for more info);
    • MAIDENS retains your previous option, so you don’t have to explicitly Create child Note every time. Instead, when you add a Cluster it is prepopulated to resemble the last one you created. If your last intention was to add a note, you get a note, if your last intention was to create a rest, you get a rest. The last pitch and duration are also retained;
    • to insert a note between two existing notes or rests, add it as described above, then use the Nudge… buttons in the Toolbar to move it into place.

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