Add A Rest

  1. How to do it: right-click the space of a measure in the Score, and select Create child cluster from the contextual menu. Use the editor to set the duration.
  2. Hints:
    • if you see Create child Voice instead of Create child Cluster, it means that you are in Measure selection mode: click the 1 callout button in the floating toolbar to switch to First Voice selection mode, then right-click again;
    • to convert an existing note or chord into a rest, right-click each of its noteheads and select Delete element (when you select make sure that the Editor header reads Note). After the last notehead is deleted, the node turns into a rest (see Clusters to understand how it works);
    • to insert a rest between two existing notes or rests, add it as described above, then use the Nudge… buttons in the Toolbar to move it into place;
    • Create child Cluster produces either rests of notes based on your previous activity.

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