Add Section

  1. How to do it: in the Project, select the score node, then click the Create element button in the Toolbar. Optionally, customize the new Section name in the Editor.
  2. Hints:
    • Section names are required and must be unique at any given time; if you need to swap two section names (e.g., swap Section A with Section B) use a temporary prefix (e.g., _Section B) to overcome this limitation. Or, if sections are empty and of same length, use the Nudge element… buttons in the Toolbar to move them around;
    • at least one Section is needed for adding music to the score; using more Sections is optional, but helps to:
      • confine and better manage generated music, as generators accept one or more Sections as their output;
      • easily rearrange your piece, by nudging Sections around;
      • process larger areas in one go — e.g., you could apply the Transpose macro to an entire section.
    • see the Section Node for more details.

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