Use Copy/Cut/Paste

  1. How to do it:
    1. in the Score, select a Cluster, Voice or Measure node;
    2. in the Menu, choose Edit/Copy… or Edit/Cut…, depending on your needs;
    3. back in the Score, select another node, of the same type;
    4. back in the Menu, choose Edit/Paste…;
  2. Hints:
    • to select a Cluster node, click on the hotspot drawn around a rest, note or chord (do not click a notehead hotspot); if your selection is correct, the Editor‘s header should read Cluster;
    • to select a Voice node, click inside the space of a measure, and then in the floating toolbar that appears, click on the 1 callout button (or 2, if available, this will select the second voice);
    • to select a Measure node, click inside the space of a measure, and then in the floating toolbar that appears, click on the M callout button;
    • Clusters, Voices and Measures are the only node types that can be copy/cut-pasted; if you select any other node type, the items in the Menu will show descriptive denial messages, e.g.: Can’t copy sections;
    • empty Voices cannot be copied or pasted: Can’t copy empty voices will be displayed in the menu;
    • when a node is non deletable, it cannot be Cut either, e.g., Can’t cut non deletable voice will be shown in the menu if you try to cut the last standing Voice on a staff. See Delete Voice for more insight;
    • failure to match the node types of a source and target Paste or Cut operations will also be reflected in the menu, e.g., Can’t paste voice over cluster will be shown if you copied a Voice, then select a Cluster and pull out Edit from the Menu;
    • internally, Paste replaces all target’s children with clones of the source’s children; in addition, cut also deletes the source once the operation is complete. It is, thus, important to understand that the properties of the node being pasted will not be moved over. For instance, if you paste a 3/4 (source) measure over a 4/4 (target) measure, the target measure will change content but will maintain its 4/4 time signature;
    • copy/cut/pasting can be reverted or redone using Undo/Redo — see Using Undo/Redo for details;
    • see The Project Hierarchy for a discussion on node types.

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