Use Second Voice

  1. How to do it: select the space of a measure in the Score. From the floating toolbar, click either the 2 or + callout buttons, depending on whether you previously added a second voice or not. Continue adding needed content as previously described.
  2. Hints:
    • before adding the Voice, the Editor header should read Measure (because you are adding a child node on a Measure, which is the current element); after adding the Voice, the Editor header should read Voice, because the newly added Voice is now the active element;
    • adding or changing a Voice is confined to the boundaries of the current Measure only;
    • using a second voice puts twice as much music on a staff, making it less manageable; whenever appropriate, add a new Part or add a new staff to an existing Part, instead (select your part name in the Score and change its Number of staves property in the Editor);
    • there is an intricate mechanism in place that enforces at least one Voice on every staff of every Part. See Voices to learn about it.

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