Generate Music

  1. How to do it:
    1. Prepare the score:
      1. in the Score, select the Part name that you will be generating in; make sure the Editor‘s header now reads Part;
      2. if needed, use the Nudge element before button in the Toolbar to (temporarily) move the Part as the top-most instrument in your score;
      3. (optional) if you are going to use the Atonal Harmony generator, increase Number of staves in the Editor, e.g., setting it to 4 will create a four-part harmony in music theory parlance;
      4. in the Score, click the name of a Section you want to generate in; in the Project, take note of the number to the left of its label (the one preceded by a link symbol): this is called a linkage ID, and you will need it next.
    2. Prepare the generator:
      1. in the Project, select the generators node; in the Toolbar, click on the Create element button to add a Generator node; make sure the Editor‘s header now reads Generator;
      2. in the Editor, from the Binding dropdown, select the generator you decided to use earlier (1.1.3.);
      3. still in the Editor, under Output connections, click the Open Editor button that should be active now;
      4. in the Select Outputs for Generator… window that opens, below Score Sections, select the linkage ID that you took note of in a previous step (1.1.4.); click the add to selection (right arrow) button, then the Apply changes (check mark) button; after the windows closes you should see your selection under Output connections, in the Editor;
    3. Generate:
      1. (optional) in the Editor, under Actions…, click Configure…; tweak the generator’s settings and then click the Apply changes (check mark) button; use these references as a guide:
      2. in the Editor, under Actions…, click Generate. After processing, the generated music will show in the Score, in its designated Part and Section;
    4. (optional) fine-tune the output:
      1. in the Score, select the first measure of generated music and click Play in the Toolbar. Use Stop at any time to halt the audition;
      2. if you want to generate again using the same configuration, select the Generator node in the Project. In the Editor, make sure its header reads Generator and click Generate;
      3. if you want to tweak the configuration before generating, with the Generator node selected, click Configure… in the Editor and proceed as previously instructed in step 1.3 (“Generate”);
      4. repeat this fine tuning step how many times you see fit.
  2. Hints:
    • generating wipes out the target Section before proceeding;
    • generating times can vary, based on the chosen Generator, the amount of music to generate and the speed of your CPU. For instance, 12 seconds for eight bars of Atonal Line generated music that has plenty of sixteenths in it is common, even on a fast machine;
    • you can click Generate several times in a row, then use Undo/Redo and Play to select the most satisfying version;
    • to get more insight, consult these sections:

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