MAIDENS 1.4: Configuration UI for the Atonal Line Generator

Configuration UI

What it is

The Configuration is essentially an Editor for Generators. It consists of a dynamic form where generator-specific properties can be loaded, tweaked, and the changes applied.

How does it look/behave

The Configuration lives in a floating window with fully adjustable position and size. Describing the appearance of the widget poses challenges due to its dynamic nature. Except for the Apply and Reset buttons at the bottom, all the other controls are created on the fly, based on communication from the current generator. For instance, an harmonic generator will provide chord-related settings, while a melodic generator will focus on profiles, skips, etc. You need to consult the dedicated articles on generators for specific information.

A typical usage scenario implying the Configuration is this three operations loop: generate music, audition it, change parameters — and repeat until you are satisfied. For this particular scenario you need to untick auto close, so that a click on either Apply or Revert does not dismiss the window.

What to Use it For

You use the Configuration to control how generator-made music sounds. By carefully tweaking the available parameters you can obtain musical structures that resemble your intended mood or emotion. Further processing and/or manual edits will be needed to achieve a perfect match.

Note: the complete list of pending bugs, features and epics is available in Jira.

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