MAIDENS 1.4: Menu UI with the File menu open

Menu UI

What it is

The Menu is the most standardized piece of UI still in use today (despite Microsoft aiming to replace it with the ribbon). It is a horizontal list of categories. On click, each triggers a vertical list of actions that are relevant for the category, optionally forking into sub-actions.

How does it look/behave

The Menu is attached to the top of the main window or primary screen, depending on the operating system used. It provides both standard and custom entries, some of which change label and/or availability based on the current selection. For instance, you will find descriptive denial messages in the Edit menu when the current selection cannot be copied, cut or pasted.


What to Use it For

You mostly use the Menu to trigger actions that are either not exposed by the rest of the UI or not easily reachable.

Note: the complete list of pending bugs, features and epics is available in Jira.

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