MAIDENS 1.4: Notification UI showing a MIDI notification

Notifications UI

What it is

The Notifications widget is the very first signaling device built into MAIDENS, from initial version onward. It provides a general purpose system for message delivering and response/confirmation gathering.

How does it look/behave

The Notifications reside in the main window, in a panel that is normally hidden and slides-over from the bottom when needed. The need could be an event of interest that occurred in the application, a confirmation request, etc.

Notifications always contain text, and sometimes action buttons such as OK or Cancel. When buttons are present, the panel stays on-screen indefinitely, only hiding when a button is clicked. Otherwise, it automatically hides after some delay (based on the length of the text displayed). When this is the case, utility controls show in the top-right corner of the panel. From left to right, they are:

  1. the close button: dismisses the widget immediately;
  2. the pin button: cancels the auto-close timer, leaving the close button as the only option for dismissal;
  3. the time remaining gauge: monitors the screen time as it drains out.
MAIDENS 1.4: Notification UI showing a File Save notification

The background of the notification panel is color coded, so that you can quickly get a clue of the event type involved. These are the colors used and their meaning:

  • green: success or operation complete;
  • yellow: important information (you need to acknowledge something);
  • orange: confirmation (you need to respond to something);
  • red: error;
  • blue: generator message or background operation;
  • purple: web service message.

What to Use it For

You use the Notifications panel to respond to application questions, provide confirmation, react to errors, or to catch a glimpse of background operations as they happen: for instance, when starting playback, you may shortly see a “Preparing MIDI” note.

Note: the complete list of pending bugs, features and epics is available in Jira.

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