MAIDENS 1.4: Project UI with a Cluster Node selected

Project UI

What it is

The Project represents the hierarchical structure of the current project. Long before there was an interactive Score in the UI, the Project was the only method of addressing, adding and removing musical elements to/from the score. Nowadays, the Project slowly transitions toward a redundant/back-up widget, as nearly everything can be accessed more conveniently via a click in the Score.

How does it look/behave

The Project is represented as an interactive tree control, with expandable nodes and selectable items. Each element in the Project tree presents a specific icon and a label that reflects the element’s current status.

The Project hooks into the unified selection mechanism of the UI: when selecting a tree item, the following can happen (based on selection type):

  • the content of the Editor gets updated, in order to display relevant settings;
  • the corresponding graphic becomes highlighted in the Score (and brought into view, if needed);
  • the buttons for creation, deletion and nudging found in the Toolbar change their availability;
  • specific items from the menu change their availability and/or label;
  • playback starting point is set to the first measure of the selection.

Consequently, directly or indirectly changing the selection outside of the Project also changes the selection inside it.

What to Use it For

You use the Project as an alternate selection mechanism, or to access elements that the Score fails to address. For instance, to use the Project to create a measure, you locate and click a part node in the tree, then click the create button in the Toolbar to add a child to it.

Note: the complete list of pending bugs, features and epics is available in Jira.

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