MAIDENS 1.4: Binding a Generator to a Section

Introducing Generators

What They Are

A generator is a self-contained piece of software that synthesizes musical structures. A generator contains several built-in musical algorithms, which can be executed on demand and are configurable via parameters.

What They Do

Generators produce musical structures (e.g., melodic lines, chorals) and render them in the score using classical music notation. They employ both stochastic and deterministic logic, therefore a given generator will produce same class compositions for a given set of parameters.

Previously generated music is overwritten on each new execution. Therefore, if you want to compare the different variants produced on subsequent runs, you have these options:

  1. generate in batches, e.g., 4-5 runs, overwriting the previous content every time; then use global Undo/Redo functionality to move through variants and audition them;
  2. reconnect the generator to another section of the score before every generation;
  3. maintain several generator instances, use the same configuration in all but connect each one to another section of the score.

The approach at (3) is also a good way to tackle conceptual composition: plan the evolution of your score ahead of time in terms of musical factors (such as pitch, intervals, durations, profiles) then add a succession of generator instances whose parameters gradually change to match your planned evolution.

Generator instances and their configuration are saved with your project. Therefore, you can create *.maid files with connected and configured generator instances to serve as templates or presets. It is best practice to redo these when upgrading because the actual generators are external modules. It’s common for old projects to report missing (in fact discontinued) generators.

See section Generator Node for additional information.

What to Use Them For

You use generators to artificially produce musical structures. These can serve as a stimulus to your imagination, as raw material to refine, or as a ground to build upon. When used right, they can increase the speed and efficiency of your work as an art music composer.

Note: the complete list of pending bugs, features and epics is available in Jira.

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