MAIDENS 1.4: a Cluster Node with a single child selected

Cluster Node

The cluster is a container of note nodes, and MAIDENS’ portmanteau for the rests, notes and chords from music theory. The way a cluster is rendered in the Score depends on the number of note nodes it contains:

  • an empty cluster is shown as a rest;
  • a cluster with one note child is displayed as a note;
  • a cluster containing several notes becomes a chord.

In the Editor, you can set the musical Duration to use, whether to augment it using a Dot, and whether to Begin a tuplet on the current cluster. Tuplets are expressed in the form: “put that many beats of this duration in place of that many normal beats”. For instance, for an eights triplet you would use 3, eights and 2.

Note: for best experience when creating tuplets, initiate them on short clusters (eights or fourths/crotchets), and build them cluster by cluster rather than converting a group of already existing clusters.

Note: the complete list of pending bugs, features and epics is available in Jira.

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