MAIDENS 1.4: a Measure Node selected

Measure Node

The measure is a container for voice nodes.

Measures do not have a set capacity in MAIDENS. They have a nominal capacity — either given or inherited — and can accommodate any duration. Each one of the contained voices can be either full, underfull or overfull, based on whether its duration respectively matches, is less than, or is more than the measure’s nominal capacity. In case of uneven voices:

  • the largest overfull voice, if any, sets the measure new nominal capacity;
  • any underfull voice is right padded with rests.

Padding rests are referred to as ghost rests. They do not show in the Project, are not selectable in the Score, do not count when shrinking a measure and display as semi transparent. They print and playback normally.

Measures transcend parts: in a strings quartet, deleting the “measure 32” of the cello also deletes the “measure 32” of the viola and violins.

In the Editor you can set the measure’s Bar type or Time signature (ranges from 1/32 to 16/1, defaults to 4/4).

Note: the complete list of pending bugs, features and epics is available in Jira.

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