MAIDENS 1.4: a Part Node selected

Part Node

A part is an abstract entity that plays in your score.

In MAIDENS, a part is an instance of an instrument or human voice. Thus, a strings quartet uses two instances of a Violin, one instance of a Viola and one instance of a Cello. You bind a part to a specific instrument by using the part’s Instrument field. This way you add one instance of the instrument to your score.

Note: when you need to reallocate existing music to another instrument, consider changing the part’s binding. If the source and target instruments’ number of staves match, this is a better option that copy/paste.

MAIDENS forces multiple instances of the same instrument into homogeneous blocks. For example, add two instances of a Flute: the score shall display two staves, “Flute 1” and “Flute 2”. If you also add a Piccolo and try to nudge it on top, you will observe that the two flutes only move together. Also, the Nudge button is only available for the top flute.

Note: increasing the Number of staves of a single instance can produce equivalent results to adding several instances.

Parts transcend the hierarchical structure of the project. The “Violin 1” that plays in the first `section` is — for any practical purpose — the same as the “Violin 1” that plays in the last.

In the Editor you can bind to an Instrument, amend the Number of staves the part shall use — and with what System bracket type — or pick the Clef(s) for each of the available staves.

Note: the complete list of pending bugs, features and epics is available in Jira.

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