Prospects For 1.5

This is a non exhaustive list of planned or considered improvements. Its purpose is to help the documentation reader make a correct understanding of the status-quo of the application, even without opening Jira. Entries are grouped by the area they most prominently relate to.


Generic (Related to the Core MAIDENS Application)

  • it is envisioned to add support for both global and project-based settings. The project-based settings will add a new node under project. This shall be called settings, and will be fixed and hidden (not shown in the Project tree widget);
  • there will be a dedicated macro that adds an arbitrary number of children to a given parent, for instance to create 30 measures in one go.

Notifications Related

  • it is considered that all questions and confirmations be moved to standard dialog boxes, while leaving status messages to the Notifications widget (because they do not require user action).

Picker Related

  • the Picker is scheduled for a ground-up rework (see MAID-3).

Configuration Related

  • a presets system is envisioned, one that would (1) provide off the shelf combinations and (2) allow the user to save and reuse custom ones.

Navigator Related

  • a revamp of the Navigator is considered, both in terms of UI and functionality. Providing easier access to standard and recent locations, and adding a go into button for folders and disk volumes is among the envisioned changes;

Project Related

  • it is envisioned to add support for dynamics, tempo, articulations, lyrics and non musical content (blocks of text and images). This will add a new node to the structure above. It will be called attachments, and will live under project, on the same level as score and generators. The new node will not be visible in the Project tree and will be a container of assignment rules, such as: “assign the Adagio marking to measures 1 and 64″;

Score & Playback Related

  • it is envisioned that the Score’s contextual menu will evolve toward including some editing tasks that are currently only available in the Editor, thus transitioning it to a redundant/back-up editing device;
  • it is envisioned that a new Gizmo Editor will be available, which will provide a more convenient way for entering and editing notes by click-dragging in the Score (vertically for pitch and horizontally for duration). This would further lower the importance of the Editor.

Editor Related

  • it is envisioned that an editor action, clear, will be available for sections, parts, voices and measures, allowing the user to remove all the musical content (cluster nodes) without removing measures;
  • it is envisioned that a new action, empty will be available for sections, allowing the user to remove all the measures;

Notes Related

  • despite the omission of flats being a design choice, they might be re-added, to improve score legibility.

Generators Related

  • improvements in the way generators handle the case of multiple outputs:
    • generate once based on longest target and repeat (current approach);
    • generate for every target, optionally adapting to peripheral content;
    • generate once for the entire span of the targets and split the result if needed, optionally adapting to neighboring content;
  • presets mechanism for generators.

Atonal Harmony Related

  • the `Atonal Harmony Generator` is scheduled for a full revamp/redesign.

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