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Improved generators and score editing capabilities.
0000055: [Core Application] Properly re-integrate legacy generators as built-in libraries (administrator)
0000053: [Core Application] Runtime Exception when adding a Part to a score with a shifted Part (administrator)
0000046: [Core Application] Runtime Error when opening default project over unsaved project (administrator)
0000033: [Core Application] Switching part does not ignore empty voices (administrator)
0000044: [Core Application] Score element not selected in the score after creation or editing (administrator)
0000009: [Core Application] Cross selection not working (administrator)
0000030: [Core Application] Selecting a Part node in the Tree does not highlight any part labels in the score (administrator)
0000045: [Core Application] Right-clicking a hotspot does not select it. (administrator)
0000005: [Core Application] Improve score legibility by hiding empty voice 2 (administrator)
0000010: [Core Application] Tuplets bracket and number not rendering properly (administrator)
0000007: [Core Application] "Natural" accidental position adjustment (administrator)
0000006: [Core Application] Ghost rests look & feel (administrator)
0000043: [Core Application] Rests hotspots misaligned (administrator)
0000016: [Website] Update Website (administrator)
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