Scheduled For Release 2021-09-15
- Improving the Multiline Generator and its associated UI;
- Improving Score display and editing;
- Improving playback;
- Improving overall application stability.
0000073: [Core Application] Improve File Browser Look and Functionality (administrator)
0000021: [Core Application] Tupplets block nudge (administrator)
0000019: [Documentation] Document all tuplet-related changes (administrator)
0000015: [Documentation] Update documentation (administrator)
0000017: [Documentation] Update documentation - zoom slider (administrator)
0000029: [Core Application] Same family instruments should be grouped and bracketed together. (administrator)
0000057: [Core Application] Large ensembles do not fit in page (administrator)
0000060: [Core Application] "Project" tree item should be preselected when opening a new Project (administrator)
0000027: [Core Application] Creation date of newly created MAID file remains set to the creation date of the template the file was based on (administrator)
0000052: [Core Application] Strange behaviour selecting wrong Note node (administrator)
0000008: [Core Application] Section name position adjustment (administrator)
0000064: [Core Application] MAIDENS should check that the page exists before trying to render it (administrator)
0000056: [Core Application] Third staff of Organ shows as "Organ -3" (administrator)
0000068: [Core Application] Staves mapping breaks when changing Part, and the new Part has more staves (administrator)
       0000061: [Core Application] Voice nudging fails to recognize newly added staves (administrator)
0000067: [Core Application] Ensemble name detection failure (administrator)
0000028: [Core Application] Exporting to ABC format should use its own dedicated exporter, based on the print version, not screen (administrator)
0000032: [Core Application] Second voice playing wrong MIDI instrument (administrator)
0000004: [Core Application] ABC Export Improvements (administrator)
0000040: [Core Application] MAIDENS should be able to export to and import from Music XML (administrator)
0000014: [Core Application] Provide SVG/FXG images for the prompt windows (administrator)
0000005: [Core Application] Improve score legibility by hiding empty voice 2 (administrator)
0000071: [Core Application] abc2svg library crash when entering single note tuplet (administrator)
0000063: [Core Application] Remove Part's ability to modify its number of staves (?) (administrator)
0000035: [Core Application] Better Handling of Transposing Instruments (administrator)
0000039: [Core Application] Order unlisted instruments by their relative pitch (administrator)
0000023: [Core Application] Third staff of organ is not assigned an organ MIDI sound (administrator)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-11-25
0000075: [Core Application] Deleting Sections is Problematic (administrator)
0000074: [Core Application] Part Instance Groups (e.g., Violin 1 and Violin 2) not being able to nudge down anymore. (administrator)
0000018: [Core Application] Add "retroactivelySubscribe()" method in the PTT class of the PTT library (administrator)
0000025: [Core Application] Notes for implementing the cross-selection for Part Nodes (administrator)
0000041: [Core Application] Reset selection when changing page? (administrator)
0000026: [Core Application] Completely empty measures should be filled by a single ghost rest of a whole (administrator)
0000011: [Core Application] Incremental abc compilation starting at voice level (administrator)
0000042: [Core Application] Macro to adapt melodic or poliphonic fragment to set harmony (administrator)
0000062: [Core Application] Instruments should not produce sound outside of their ranges (administrator)
0000036: [Core Application] Revamp of the Picker Component (administrator)
0000050: [Core Application] Store last pitch and duration per voice/part/section (administrator)
0000066: [Core Application] Several nodes highlighted at once on mouse over (administrator)
0000012: [Core Application] The score editor must be able to add tempo, dynamics and articulations (administrator)
0000013: [Core Application] Section names not visible in exported PDFs (administrator)
0000022: [Core Application] On Deleting a Section, Related Generator Outputs Should Be Purged (administrator)
0000024: [Core Application] The note editor should be improved (administrator)
0000037: [Core Application] Group durations in measure by beats (administrator)
0000048: [Core Application] Add preset management support where appropriate (administrator)
0000051: [Core Application] Accidental overlaps notehead in two voice chromatic music (administrator)
0000038: [Core Application] EPIC - Using MAIDENS for a real-life project (administrator)
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