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0000035MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2021-06-09 15:00
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Product Version1.5 
Target Version1.5 
Summary0000035: Better Handling of Transposing Instruments
DescriptionCurrently, no heads up is give on the fact that transposing instruments are written and played back in a transposing mode (there is a note in the "Part" editor, at the bottom, but hardly anyone is going to see it). Moreover, user should be able to choose whether to have transposing instruments shown in concert pitch (currently, not possible) or not, and playback should follow. Lack of key signature is arguably justified by the fact that the editor/software is only intended for non tonal music.
TagsOSX, score display, score editing, Windows



2021-06-09 15:00

administrator   ~0000027

Deferred. Starting with version 1.5, all transposing instruments were set to sound were written. I will see when, and whether providing transposing instruments logic becomes a priority.

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