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0000042MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2021-06-29 11:59
Reporteradministrator Assigned Toadministrator  
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PlatformAllOSWindows & macOSOS Versionall supported
Product Version1.5.1 
Target Version1.5.1 
Summary0000042: Macro to adapt melodic or poliphonic fragment to set harmony
DescriptionIt would be nice to have a new macro, in MAIDENS, that will tweak/adapt an existing melodic or poliphonic fragment to a set harmony (expressed as chords, either entered in the macro UI or from somewhere in the score). The macro should accespt settings such as whether to tollerated "melodic notes" (notes that are not part of the current chord, but "lead" to one of its notes), and what types, etc.
TagsOSX, score editing, Windows


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