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0000052MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2020-05-01 11:38
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Product Version1.5 
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Summary0000052: Strange behaviour selecting wrong Note node
DescriptionWhen building a chord, after adding a new Note child to the cluster and editing its Pitch using the Editor, the selection, in the Project, Editor and Score stays on the Note node with the previous pitch (provided there is one). See the "Steps to Reproduce" for more insight.
Steps To Reproduce1. In a blank score, add a Cluster in Voice 1 of Measure 1, and a Note node to it. You should get a fourth/quaver with the pitch of middle C.
2. Add another Note node to the same cluster. The score will display a "unison" Cluster, sort of a note with two noteheads, both on the pitch of middle C; one of them will be selected;
3. WITHOUT changing the current selection, move the selected Note node's pitch from "C" to "G" in the Editor.

RESULTS: all panels keep the selection on the "C" Note node of the Cluster, whereas the "G" Note node should be selected.
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2020-05-01 11:38

administrator   ~0000016

On a side note, when using the "Transpose..." macro, with the "Keep existing" option enabled, new Note nodes are added in strange (possibly reversed) order, and the 1:1, score to model correspondence is broken, which results in erroneous selection (clicking a Note node in the score selects a wrong Note node in the Project and Editor).

This does not happen when adding/editing Note children by hand.

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