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0000061MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2020-05-05 21:25
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PlatformAllOSWindows & macOS 
Product Version1.5 
Target Version1.5 
Summary0000061: Voice nudging fails to recognize newly added staves
DescriptionIf the number of staves a Part uses is changed using the Part's editor panel, voice nudging will not be able to access the new staves. In other words, voice will only nudge across the "so many staves as there initially were".
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a document with an Organ part, and some different music in at least two Voices.
2. Select one Voice node and nudge it up and doen, across staves: the Voice can travel from staff 1 through staff 3 without problems.
3. Using the Editor panel, make the Organ Part use four staves instead of three. Reselect the Voice you tested with and try to nudge it to staff 4 (the new, just added one).

Expected result: the Voice is able to travel to staff 4;
Actual result: the Voice stops at third staff's boundaries.
TagsOSX, score editing, Windows


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