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0000063MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2021-06-20 15:24
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Summary0000063: Remove Part's ability to modify its number of staves (?)
DescriptionIt is not clear to what extent being able to change the number of staves a Part uses is beneficial. It seems like an advanced feature in a bare-bones application, anyway, and it does create a range of complications. This feature should be re-evaluated, and maybe dropped.

As for adding several "Part instances" to a score (i.e., two Violins playing), the proper way to do it is to add to actual violin Parts to the score.

One downside is that we will not be able anymore to get the legacy AtonalHarmony generator populate a fake choral of like-Parts, e.g., a "choral" of Flutes, but this was a hack in the first place. The proper fix is to teach that Generator to output into several Parts at once.
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2021-06-20 15:23

administrator   ~0000028

Modified this functionality, so that a Part can at most expand into that many staves as it has autonomous voices. So, e.g., Piano has 4 autonomous voices, and therefore it can expand to at most 4 staves; Organ has 6 autonomous voices, and so it can expand to at most 6 staves. Parts will not be able to shrink to a number of staves that cannot fit all the voices of the current instrument, e.g., Piano will not be able to shrink to less than 2 staves, as the Piano's 4 voices require at least 2 * 2 = 4 staves to fit. Also, if a Part's minimum staves number is equal to its maximum staves number, the setting becomes disabled. This implementation indeed makes it impossible to generate with the legacy Atonal Harmony generator into a "choral" of 4 Flutes, but that Generator is facing a sure decommission very soon anyway. And it can still generate into Parts having several voices, such as Choir, Piano, Organ, Harp.


2021-06-20 15:24

administrator   ~0000029

This functionality has been adjusted (see added note). This bug became obsolete.

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