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0000064MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2020-05-09 15:31
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Product Version1.5 
Target Version1.5 
Summary0000064: MAIDENS sould check that the page exists before trying to render it
DescriptionWhen working on the last Measure of a piece, which stands by itself on the last page of the Score, chances are that the changes reflow the music, so that the last measure fits on the previous page. MAIDENS does not "know" to flip to the previous page because the current (and last) one is empty, but displays instead the "empty score" message/drawing in the Score area.

I see two points of improvement here:

(1) the message says "empty _score_", which is not applicable in this case. If it was more generic, something like "nothing to show on this _page_" it could serve this situation reasonably well.

(2) if the "empty score" situation occurs, MAIDES should check the current page number to see if it is greater than `1`, and if it is, decrement it and try to render again; and do it so until the current page number becomes `1`, in which case, if the score is still empty, display the message.

Number (2) is actually the correct fix, but (1) could also be of help. Still on this matter, the "score empty" text and drawing are not displayed centered on the page; this should be fixed as well.
TagsOSX, score display, score editing, Windows


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