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0000067MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2021-07-18 15:52
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Summary0000067: Ensemble name detection failure
DescriptionThe recent introduction of specific ensemble names, such as a "Woodwinds Quinted" baffles the existing logic for ensemble name detection, as this logic only expects generic ensemble names, such as "Strings" or "Woodwinds".

As a result, a strange name is reported each time a specific ensemble is matched, even partially, such as a "Woodwinds Quinted Trio" when three woodwind instruments play together, and are placed in the score in the order they would be in a quintet.

See attached screenshot.
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2021-07-18 15:52

administrator   ~0000043

Now the match is either exact (one of the "known" ensembles is matched literally, part for part, and then no "sizer" - e.g., "Trio" - is added), or partial (one of the families and the special "Orchestra" and "Band" ensembles are checked against existing instrumentation, while ignoring part duplicates, and the one with a relevance score greater than or equal to 0.5 is added, also adding a "sizer"); if there is neither an exact nor partial match, the sizer is used by itself, which produces very generic ensemble names, such as "duo", "trio", "quartet", etc, up to the nine parts, after which is "chamber ensemble" is used. The "Orchestra" and "Band" ensembles are special by never accepting a "sizer", despite the fact that they are "partial match ensembles", not "exact match ensembles". The exact ensembles dictionary used is contained in class "PartEnsembleTypes". The "sizer" names used are contained in class "PartEnsembleSizes". Also, the "disclaimer" MAIDENS used to add when there was not enough certainty over a partial match ("- or similar") was removed.

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