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0000068MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2021-02-01 19:06
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Product Version1.5 
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Summary0000068: Staves mapping breaks when changing Part, and the new Part has more staves
DescriptionStaves mapping breaks when changing Part, and the new Part has more staves. This seems to be a low level issue related to Part management, as if some (Parts reindexing) method that is called for operations such as Adding or Removing Parts does not get called for altering the instrument of a Part.
Steps To Reproduce[TEST A]
A.1. create a new document; implcitly, it will contain a single Piano Part;
A.2. change the instrument of the Part, from Piano to Organ;
A.3. right click a score element, (ex., a Voice) on the third staff (the "pedal" staff);
A.4. expected result: a contextual menu should appear, with information and operations suitable for the right-clicked element; actual result: nothing happens, just as you would have right clicked an empty area of the score.

B.1. Redo steps A.1 and A.2;
B.2. Using "Harmony Generator", try to generate music into the Organ Part;
B.3. expected result: some music should show in the corresponding Organ measures; actual result: runtime error.
Tagsgenerators-atonal harmony, OSX, score display, score editing, Windows



2020-11-18 10:42

administrator   ~0000019

As of 2020/11/18 the [TEST B] scenario does not produce a runtime error any more.
Investigation has led to the conclusion that the abc2svg library might be the culprit for the eroneous behavior observed in [TEST A].

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