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0000070MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2021-02-01 18:54
Reporteradministrator Assigned Toadministrator  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAllOSWindows & macOSOS Versionall supported
Product Version1.4.9 
Target Version1.4.9Fixed in Version1.4.9 
Summary0000070: Generator configuration not saved along with the project
DescriptionWith v. 2 Generators & UI, it looks like the particular configuration user puts up for a certain generator instance is not saved along with the project.
Steps To Reproduce1. create a new project;
2. Add the "Harmony Generator" generator and bind it to the first section in the document;
3. Open the Generator's Configuration window and make adjustments, especially add envelopes to the Graphic Editor;
4. Save the document;
5. (not sure if this plays a role: generate);
6. Close the document and reopen.
7. Reopen the Configuration window.
EXPECTED RESULTS: changes previously entered should still be there.
ACTUAL RESULTS: changes are gone, all parameters show their defaults.

Tagsgenerators-harmony generator, OSX, Windows


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