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0000075MAIDENSCore Applicationpublic2021-08-26 13:25
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PlatformAllOSWindows & macOSOS Versionall supported
Product Version1.5 
Target Version1.5.1 
Summary0000075: Deleting Sections is Problematic
DescriptionThe following behavior was observed in the release version 1.5:
- in a project with one Section and one instance of the Multiline Generator bound to that Section, if the Section is deleted, the Generator appears to maintain its output binding to the deleted section;
- trying to open the Binding Editor crashes MAIDENS;
- (probably), trying to generate with the now orphaned generator crashes MAIDENS.

There is a workaround (do both):
1. try to manually unbind any generators from the Section you plan deleting, and
2. ensure there is at least one section in the score (maybe create a new, empty one, before deleting the old one).
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